Discover your new favourite craft every month

Delve into a new craft each month with our beautiful, modern kits delivered to your door, plus online resources and inspiration. 


Here's how it works

1. Choose a monthly subscription, or a pre-paid 3, 6 or 12 month subscription

2. Receive a kit to try a different craft delivered to your house every month

3. Enjoy learning your new craft!

The Cosy Craft Club is a monthly craft subscription for crafters who want more than just a quick make. We want to give you real insight into a new craft each month with beautiful, modern kits created with love by talented craftspeople.

Each month we immerse ourselves in a different craft, with tons of resources and inspiration on our website. Everything you need to get started in that month's craft is delivered to your door so you can get crafting straight away.

Do  you love the idea of really getting stuck into a different craft each  month? Subscribe and join us in our crafting discoveries.