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Resin flowers kit from Inion Arts


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Product Description

Create beautiful dipped resin flowers with this kit from Inion Arts! Dipped resin flowers are made by forming the outer rim of each petal in wire and dipping it in the resin. Magical! Then you can wire the petals together to form your flower. These flowers are incredibly resilient and last for a long time. And there are a number of types of flowers you can make, with video tutorials available online. This kit contains plenty of resin so you can have fun experimenting! Each box has four colours of translucent resin: red, yellow, blue and green. Also included: floral foam, wire, floral tape and stamens. As with all Cosy Craft Club kits, this kit is suitable for total beginners and contains everything you need to complete the craft. Cosy Craft Club kits make great gifts for all craft lovers who enjoy trying new crafts. FREE UK delivery.

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