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Solar Printing (Cyanotype) kit from Love To Print


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Product Description

Create stunning blue silhouettes with this solar printing kit! So simple to do, and really fun too. Paint your paper with your prepared chemicals, place your chosen object on top, and let the chemicals develop in the sun - they turn blue where the sun hits it but stays white where your object is to create a silhouette of your object. This kit includes: chemicals, 15 A5 sheets 220gsm heavyweight cartridge paper, A5 Printing frame & clips, measuring cup, gloves, mixing pot, 2" sponge brush, black bag to store coated paper, detailed instruction sheet. As with all Cosy Craft Club kits, this kit is suitable for total beginners and contains everything you need to complete the craft. Cosy Craft Club kits make great gifts for all craft lovers who enjoy trying new crafts. FREE UK delivery.

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